Respirator FFP2, 5-layer – 0,40 € (+VAT)


5-layer mask – FFP2 compliant, – 0,40 € / without VAT10 pcs in the package.
The price is for 1 piece.
Preferred order quantity – 100 pcs. In a box: 480 pcs.

Complies with EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009
CE mark

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Allergens, Particulate Matter, Dust, Pollen, Professional, Effective Protection, Safe, Portable.

FFP2 Protective Mask
Multi layered respirator mask ideal for effective protection against inhaling aerosols as well as vapors or gases that are health hazards.

Mask protects the wearer from inhaling micro airborne infectious particles such as airborne virus (including coronavirus, SARS, etc.).

Products are made out of breathable and soft materials, this way customers wearing glasses will avoid fogging

5 layer design
Nose Bridge Wire
Meets FFP2 Standard
CE marking
Made in EU


How to wear it:

1. The wearer opens the package, takes out the mouthpiece and spreads it with both hands.

2. Point the sharp corners of the mask outward, and align the face to the face.

3. Cover the mouth and nose with the mask, and hang the mask straps on the ears on both sides.

4. Adjust the mask and carefully fix the bridge of the nose to make the mask fit the face.

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