Respirator face mask FFP2, 1 pcs, 1.00 € (+VAT)


Respirator 5-layer face mask FFP2.

Minimal order 10 pcs

10 in stock


Allergens, Particulate Matter, Dust, Pollen, Professional, Effective Protection, Safe, Portable.


[Protection Level] FFP2, PFE 94%, CE Certificate

[Main Performance] Mainly suitable for breathing protection in non-oily dust enviroment, and dust PM2.5 protection, etc.

[Storage] Product storage temperature should be in the range of 20 to 30 celsius, the relative humidity should be below 80%.

How to wear it:

1. The wearer opens the package, takes out the mouthpiece and spreads it with both hands.

2. Point the sharp corners of the mask outward, and align the face to the face.

3. Cover the mouth and nose with the mask, and hang the mask straps on the ears on both sides.

4. Adjust the mask and carefully fix the bridge of the nose to make the mask fit the face.

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