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We rent contact-free dispensers for any premises.

– contact-free antimicrobial treatment of hands

– the most economical disinfectant consumption

– advertising module (on some models)

– helps increase the loyalty of visitors


It is enough to place hands with palms up in the niche of the dispenser – a portion of sanitizer will be given automatically.

Suitable for any enclosed spaces.

You can install our automatic dispenser in your office, manufacturing unit, educational or medical institution.

Dispensers are safe and convenient to use.

The devices are equipped with sensors and operate without contact with hands. It allows avoiding contact with surfaces and prevents the transfer of bacteria and viruses between users.

You save resources.

Dispenser provides a sufficient portion of an antiseptic. Compared to devices that work applying pressure, our automatic dispenser consumes up to five times less antiseptic.

Different types and additional features are available.

You can order floor standing and wall mounted dispensers, add a temperature measurement function and a screen that will broadcast the information you need. For example advertisements for shopping centre visitors or an important announcement for office employees.

Full service for the entire rental period.

We repair and replace devices in the event of a malfunction. We quickly replenish dispensers on request or an individual schedule.

Execution Options:

– floor standing

– wall mounted

The possibility of using antibacterial gels and sanitizers.

Recommended locations for SANITIZER dispensers:

– Shopping and office centres; educational establishments; food service points; gyms and fitness centres; supermarkets, hypermarkets, shops and markets; bank branches; medical centres and pharmacies; factories and production units; car services, gas stations and car washes; public places and transportation; beauty salons and hairdressers; museums, theatres; state institutions.

Price per month for rent

from 30 €
There is also an opportunity to purchase

Replenishment price

from 25€

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