Indoor surface disinfection (Price without VAT)

Disinfection that cares about people and the environment.

Disinfectants based on benzalkonium chloride, glutaraldehyde, peracetic acid

or EcoXteril-Anosan

It’s a completely different world!

One of a kind.

Non-toxic to humans and the environment.  Non-flammable
Safe Removes odors
Does not require removal from the treated surface
Aldehyde free
Does not stain colorless
pH neutral and 100 times more effective than chlorine

Why this product is organic? 

Made from water and sodium chloride, no organic chemicals or harmful substances. Kills 99.9%

bacteria, viruses, fungi, hormone residues, antibiotics.
Safe, easy to use, no allergic reactions, no hazardous residues, no special disposal procedures required, suitable for any use.


We love being verified! PMC – Presidio Medico Chirurgico (Italian Surgical Medical Department) article. 55, Biocide approved by CHZN4842 (Switzerland) VAH Certification tested according to EN 901, EN 14476, EN 13623 regulation.

Surfaces disinfection.
EcoXteril-ANOSAN can be used in hospitals (VAH certified), restaurants
home, kitchens, cars, offices
medical centers, etc.
Any type of surface!

Fast effect!

EcoXteril-ANOSAN requires one minute of surface contact to remove bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.


Contact with EcoXteril-ANOSAN is not harmful. No rinsing required.

Delicate and safe ideal for sanitation of baby items.

For disinfection of offices, gyms, changing rooms, hotel rooms, medical offices and more.

Thanks to the specially designed line of SanCase nebulizers, with EcoXteril you can easily and safely disinfect rooms and any objects.

SanCase is a mist that disinfects and does not moisturize. The SanCase spray system, specially designed for use with EcoXteril-Anosan, generates droplets less than 10 microns in diameter that saturate and disinfect the environment without wetting or damaging surfaces.

40 minutes prolonged The drops created by SanCase are so light they can stay suspended for 40 minutes and then settle even in the most hidden corners of the treated room.

Equipped with a silent oil-free air compressor.
Just plug the SanCase into a power source, set the working time and press Start.
The work is done!



SanCase can be easily moved from one room to another thanks to large wheels and a handle that allows it to be treated like a cart




Liquid  EcoXteril-Anosan
Time Territory processing Price
Minutes m2 EUR
90-120 401-600 189.00
60-90 251-400 150.00
30-60 150-250 120.00
1-30 50-150 70.00
from 10 from 50 50.00
Liquid  Biosol Pro 73%
Time Territory processing Price
Minutes m2 EUR
90-120 401-600 100.00
60-90 251-400 80.00
30-60 150-250 60.00
1-30 50-150 40.00
from 10 from 50 30.00


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