Contactless (sensor) hand sanitizer dispenser, PRO 8 (Price without VAT)


A safe hand sanitizer dispenser that takes care of the hygiene and health of your employees, clients and visitors.

Advantages of sensor dispenser

– Contact-free hand disinfection

– Destruction of most types of bacteria and infections

– Economical use of antiseptics

– Fast drying due to micro spraying

– Increased credit of the clients

– The height of the machine allows people with disabilities to use it

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Contactless and convenient. The devices are equipped with sensors and operate without contact with hands. It allows avoiding contact with surfaces, as well as prevents the transfer of bacteria and viruses between users. Hands must be extended, and the dispenser dispenses a portion of the sanitizer.

Saves resources. In comparison with standard dispensers, which consume a large amount of antiseptics, our automatic dispenser dispenses a sufficient portion, thus reducing the consumption of the sanitizer up to 5 times.

In the case of rent, we take full service of the device: repair and replacement in case of breakdowns, replenishment of the sanitizer on request or on an individual schedule.

Temperature measurement.


150x100x240 mm



Price per month for rent

20 € (excluding VAT)
There is also an opportunity to purchase

Purchase price

220 € (excluding VAT)

Replenishment price

form 25 € (excluding VAT)

Disinfection system

Atomization system

The number of cycles


Power supply

Battery 3W

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