You can rent or buy safe automatic dispensers for hand disinfection, which will take care of the hygiene and health of your employees, clients and visitors.



Quickly and effectively fight the spread of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Contribute to the maintenance of hand and surface sterility. Soften the skin and are quickly absorbed, do not leave greasy sheen and unpleasant odours.



Order convenient bottles with volume from 50 ml to 1000 ml, sprays and caps for the tasks of your production unit.




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High-quality sanitizers for hands, equipment and surfaces.

Disinfection of hand skin is a basic and very simple hygiene procedure against most viruses and pathogenic bacteria.

Advantages of our antiseptics:

  • Soften the skin. They are quickly absorbed, leaving the skin clean, without greasy sheen and unpleasant odour.
  • Available for wholesale and retail. Hand sanitizers are quickly absorbed, leaving the skin clean without greasy shine and unpleasant smell. We will deliver to your home and office, educational and medical institution, hotel and restaurant. You can also order a batch to your store or shopping centre for sale and to replenish vending machines.
  • Fast shipping. Sanitizers are always available in stock in Riga warehouse.

The alcohol content is 68%. Volumes – from 30 ml to 5 l.


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We offer disposable and reusable protective face masks.

Provide protection against:

  • dust;
  • serves as a filter from polluted air;
  • drops of liquid;
  • aerosols

and also reduces the spread of respiratory viruses from the mask owner to the surrounding community.

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Contactless dispensers for any premises.

You are invited to rent or purchase for personal use and install our automatic dispenser in your office, at the production unit, in an educational or medical institution, to take with you to small and large-scale events in the premises.

Dispensers are safe and convenient to use. The devices are equipped with sensors and operate without contact with hands. Thus avoiding contact with surfaces and the transfer of bacteria and viruses between users.

You save resources. The dispenser dispenses a sufficient portion of the sanitizer. Our automatic dispenser consumes up to five times less sanitizer than a dispenser with a button or lever.

Different types and additional features are available. You can order floor standing and wall mounted dispensers, add a temperature measurement function and a screen that will broadcast the information you need. For example advertisements for shopping centre visitors or an important announcement for office employees.

Convenient plastic containers for sanitizers and cosmetics.

You can order bottles of different shapes and sizes, sprayers (push-button sprayers), flip-top caps and triggers. Use to solve important tasks of your business and production.

You can order plastic bottles without labels, as well as we also offer you to produce and place your company labels on the bottles.

Vending machines with sanitizers and protective masks.

You can rent vending machines and place them in your office, in trading premises, in an educational or medical institution, airport, railway station and any other location convenient for you.

Vending is the retail sale of goods using vending machines. This niche in the European markets is quite heavily occupied by various types of entrepreneurship: from the sale of coffee and even eggs to services like express photos. By the way, there are up to 40 people per vending machine in the USA. In Latvia – about 500. The statistics speak for themselves. This implies that the vending niche in our country (Latvia) still has a margin of business strength, which means it gives great chances and guarantees that this type of business will turn out to be profitable.

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